Find businesses that are in desparate need of an agency

Marketing agencies use Maerketing for prospecting, sales, and customer retention.

Content metrics

Maerketing gathers metrics about content frequency, quality and authors. These markers indicate how many people work on what content - you can see quickly if a prospect needs an agency or not.

More markers added weekly

Recently we added ad spend markers to the lists. You can filter if and how much a company spends on their paid advertising. We are adding more markers for every new software release (which all customers get free of charge).

Get new prospects

Maerketing emails you weekly reports of your target lists. From these lists you will get new prospects you can start pitching your services to.

Craft personalized emails

With Maerketing metrics you can craft better emails faster. Use the metrics in a cold email campaign or in personalized outreach.

Qualification made easy

Ever called a company who already hired an agency?

Maerketing lists contain sortable columns so you can talk only to the businesses who need you.

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