Terms of service

General terms and details about the business entity behind Maerketing

Business registration

© 2017 Maerketing Europe OÜ
Sakala 7-2, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia
Business registration code: 14266670		

Contact information

You can contact us through these means and we try to get back to you within the next business days:

  • info@maerketing.com
  • +1 (929) 260 1944
  • Send us a letter: Sakala 7-2, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia
  • Contact us via social media: Medium, YouTube, Twitter
  • Skype: tillcarlos


The product is access to a SaaS (Software as a Service) interface to scan the internet for marketing metrics. It is a self-serving interface that gets powered by a database and server to provide you the data you requested.

The payment plans are described under pricing. We offer a free plan. The payment for the paid plans are in advance. If you subscribe for a free plan you get also access to the payment interface. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards. The subscriptions are monthly or yearly - depending in your plan.

Upon payment we reserve 2 business days to activate your account. You are free to use the free account until we upgrade you. Our support also tries to stay under 2 business days. That is, however, not guaranteed.

There are no guarantees to the validity of the data provided. You can use the data in whatever legal way you want but you cannot resell them under a competing service. We may restrict and suspend your account if we notice such behaviour. If you have questions, email us at info@marketingmapper.com. We guarantee the service to be up at 95% of the time. We don’t guarantee the speediness of the service.

If you want to cancel, send us an email to info@marketingmapper.com and we will downgrade your account to the free one. If you want your data to be deleted, please include this in the email.


If you want to cancel your subscription, just email us at info@marketingmapper.com - we will stop the recurring charges. If you don’t want to interact with us, feel free to cancel in PayPay or in our credit card interface.

You can cancel anytime and your account will stay on the current plan until the end of the billing cycle. There is no cancellation notice.


We charge on a per-list basis, monthly. See details on our pricing page.

Return policy

We want you to be happy with our product. See our return policy for details. This is a short overview:

Refunds are only possible if the data you received are not sufficient as promised. If the data is complete it is your responsibility to get results from it. We can’t give you refunds if you don’t act on our data.

In case you get incomplete data and this is due to a failure on our side you we will try to fix the data. If we can’t do so in a week you will get a refund on the days that are left of your plan.


We charge European VAT if you reside in the EU.

Prices, fees and charges are otherwise inclusive of other applicable taxes unless stated otherwise on our site. You are responsible for paying all such taxes and imposts associated with your use of Maerketing wherever levied. Your responsibility includes withholding tax if it applies, unless we already process that withholding tax. We may collect geographical location information to determine your location, which may be used for tax purposes (so location information you give us must be accurate for tax residency purposes).

Governing law

Our business is based in Estonia and the law applicable for subscribing to our service is the Estonian law.